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Iran Revolution 1979

The 1979 Iranian Revolution

An award-winning atmospheric scientist recounts her coming-of-age against the backdrop of the Iranian revolution in this engaging, deeply perceptive memoir. Growing up in 1970s Tehran, Tabazadeh was only eight when two unrelated life events made a lasting impact on her: first, Uncle Mahmood gave her a chemistry kit, sparking her lifelong love of science. Shortly thereafter, 11-year-old Najmieh, a village girl from northern Iran, moved in as household help. Their friendship deeply shaped Tabazadeh’s awareness of class and gender differences, eventually ending when Najmieh was shipped back to her village to be married, and Tabazadeh found herself swept up in the tidal forces of the Iranian revolution. The author recounts her resistance to sharia, the Islamic law that forces even teenagers to adopt the veil, ending her story rather abruptly as she immigrates to the U.S. at 17 and leaving one hopeful for a follow-up volume. This is a sobering, enlightening glimpse of growing up in the shadow of a revolution—a struggle that merely replaced one kind of oppression with another.

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YA/General Interest: This coming-of-age story will draw teen readers to this strong multicultural title. —Sarah Hunter


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