The Sky Detective – Metro Silicon Valley Article

AzadehTabazadeh SKY SCANNER: Azadeh Tabazadeh escaped Iran to become one of the most successful scientists in her field. Photograph by Greg Ramar Climatologist Azadeh Tabazadeh Pens Memoir of Iran Escape October 28, 2015 by Jennifer Wadsworth, special to Metro Silicon Valley The doorbell seemed to buzz louder than usual, signaling the start of a long escape. Azadeh Tabazadeh paused for one last look at her room. To one side, the desk where she conducted her first chemistry experiment with a kit her uncle had given her as a gift nearly a decade before. Beside it, the bed where she nearly took her own life knowing she could never become the "Iranian Madame Curie." In 1979, Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Iran from exile, overthrew the Shah and ushered in … [Read more...]

The Sky Detective – A Book Club Pick in the Bay Area


A couples'  book Club gathering in Los Altos on october 9 to discuss my memoir: The Sky Detective. I am at the center holding my book. All book club members loved my memoir including the men, so it's neither a chick flick nor an overly dramatized story.  It's the truth about ordinary lives during the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran and the war with Iraq, and how my family and I coped with the political chaos at the time and managed to escape Iran and reestablish ourselves in the United States. The memoir also recalls the details of all the events that triggered my interest in science during my childhood and adolescent years. The individual opinions of the book club members (shown above) regarding my memoir are posted on Amazon. I will be honored to attend your book club to hear your thoughts, share mine and (hopefully) answer "all" … [Read more...]

The Sky Detective – Foreword Book Review


  NASA Scientific Achievement Medal   Foreword Reviews Reviewed by Kirsten Akens July 23, 2015 An Iranian scientist, whose accomplishments include a presidential award and working for NASA, shares her enticing story. In The Sky Detective, author Azadeh Tabazadeh tells an enticing story of growing up in, and escaping, Iran during the Islamic Revolution. The memoir opens in 2001 as Tabazadeh is about to receive a prestigious medal from the American Geophysical Union, for her outstanding scientific contributions. During her acceptance speech, the then-NASA employee references a gift her uncle gave her in 1973, when she was eight—a chemistry set that would inspire her for the rest of her life. The following chapter jumps back to that year, and … [Read more...]